Remedial Services

Combining all our resources EAAE is able to provide Strata Engineering Solutions with whole of building unit investigations, reporting and dilapidation studies for Strata Unit managers, Body Corporate and Managing Agents - for town-houses, apartments and units and covering residential, commercial and industrial constructions. We can develop Scope of work for repairs and even tender and manage the remedial repair and reconstruction processes.

Dilapidation Reports

For pre-construction or development for private clients or for corporations, either for adjoining buildings or access roadways.

Cost Analysis

On all reports, if required; the costs can be either on a simple table form or can be fully detailed on a Bill of Quantities format.

Quality Control

In Construction, quality control can be organised on a progressive basis as construction proceeds with a fully detailed report following each inspection or stages of work or at the completion of work.

Defects Evaluation

All defects are judged against the Building Code of Australia or the relevant Australian Standards and reported as a defect if they do not comply.

Scott Schedules

Where required Scott Schedules are prepared in accordance with Court or CTTT format.

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